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Wearever’s Top 20 Senior Blogs of 2020

Wearever’s Top 20 Senior Blogs of 2020

November 20, 2020

With mandated lockdowns and working from home, our Wearever employees have had some extra time on their hands this year. With that extra time, we have been finding new hobbies, listening to more podcasts, and discovering new blogs. We have rounded up 20 of our favorite blogs that cater towards Baby Boomers and Caregivers. Here is our roundup of the Top 20 Baby Boomer Blogs of 2020. Hopefully you can find a new favorite blog to follow!  


Best Travel Blogs:

My Itchy Travel Feet

  • photo of Donna HullMy Itchy Travel Feet is a “Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel”. This is one of top Baby Boomer travel blogs that focuses on active travels, both domestic and international. Donna and Alan Hull give first-hand accounts of their travels from luxury cruises to national park adventures. The Hull’s give you the best advice for where, when, and how to travel and encourage Baby Boomers to get off the couch and out into the world! Now that many Boomers are, retired and their kids are out of the house it’s the perfect time to get out and travel. The site has different sections to explore such as themed trips, destinations, and travel tips. Whether you’re looking for travel experience in Africa, unique places to stay, or the best travel gear for Baby Boomers, this is the perfect blog to check out!


Gypsy Nesters

  • photo of David and Veronica James of Gypsy NestersThe Gypsy Nesters travel blog is run by David and Veronica James, empty nesters who are ‘breaking the empty nest rules”! The site is broken down by places they have travelled. With over 40 different states and over 35 different countries, there is a wide variety to choose from. If you have been considering travelling somewhere specific, odds are they have a blog post for it!  Even if you don’t have the travel bug, Gypsy Nesters will have you yearning to quit your day job and travel for the rest of your life! This adventuring, free spirited couple has even written a detailed book, called “Going Gypsy”, about their adventures after retiring, becoming empty nesters, and buying an RV to start traveling the world. If you enjoy their blog posts, you will love their book! In this time where traveling is uncertain, this blog is the perfect escape from being stuck at home.


A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50

  • JudiBoomerGirl logo, cartoon woman in a bath with Paris and Italy daydreamJudy, or as the blog world knows her: JudiBoomerGirl, started writing a blog in 2007 near her 50th birthday after losing her husband and becoming an empty nester. With more than 35 years of experience in marketing and communications, Judy’s blog makes you feel as though you are catching up with a close friend and hearing about her amazing travels.  As a globe trotter, she has a wide array of posts about her travels in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Not only does her blog have travel topics, she also includes topics about wellness, such as yoga & menopause, and she writes reviews for books & movies. This blog is the perfect afternoon read for Baby Boomer women who are looking to age gracefully while still living their life to the fullest. 


Best Career/Finance/Business Blogs:

Feisty Side of 50

  • Mary Eileen Williams of Feisty Side of 50Mary Eileen Williams is an author, speaker, radio host, university instructor and job search expert. Using all of her experience, she started a blog called Feisty Side of 50 to help those who are aging. Along with posts about general boomer life, she also has a specific section of her blog titled “Job Search”. If you are one of the many people who have unfortunately lost their jobs due to Covid-19, this section has a plethora of articles that provide helpful tips and tricks when it comes to the agonizing job search. She also has a book titled “Land the Job You Love: 10 Surefire Strategies for Jobseekers Over 50” that goes into even more detail about finding the perfect job for you. If you’re someone who enjoys podcasts, you will love her radio show: Feisty Side of Fifty Radio. Williams brings in different guests each week to discuss topics such as cooking, creativity, health and so much more!


The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide

  • photo of Rita Robison of Survive and Thrive GuideMoney: A topic that many people avoid talking about and something that many people find difficult to manage. If you find that you are someone who would like to manage their money better, or you would benefit from financial advice, this is the perfect blog for you! Rita Robison, a consumer and personal finance journalist, started her blog, The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, to advocate for and help baby boomers “get what they want from their money”. Robison covers topics from budgeting to retirement planning to avoiding scams. She also has a newsletter that sends 10 financial tips right to your inbox every week. You even get a free e-book full of money saving advice when signing up! 


Boomer Watch

  • photo of Lina Ko of BoomerWatchLina Ko is an experienced professional in the marketing communications realm and started her blog Boomer Watch: A Canadian Perspective on Marketing to Boomers using her expertise in this field 2007. Many marketers seemed to have forgotten Baby Boomers. Instead, they have shifted all of their marketing efforts and business ideas towards the younger generations like Millennials & Gen Z. What many marketers fail to remember is that there is still immense opportunity with Baby Boomers with over 73 million of them in the U.S. alone. Ko’s articles span a wide array of topics such as beauty, health, politics, technology, and everything in between. Although there are some articles specifically related to marketing to Boomers, Ko gives her readers a comprehensive access to “all kinds of relevant information and issues on the baby-boomer audience”. With the wide array of topics such as beauty, health, politics, technology, you are certain to find something that interests you!


Happily Rewired

  • Photo of Barry SilversteinHappily Rewired is not your average financial/retirement blog, instead it is for those who want to “rewire instead of retire” and “ignite the spark in life’s second half”. Barry Silverstein, the owner of this blog, is an author and freelance writer. Instead of the typical retirement, Silverstein relocated and started freelance writing consulting and counseling for brand marketing. He is also active in his community by being involved in a non-profit. Silverstein believes that life after retirement doesn’t have to be unfulfilling and unproductive. If you are looking for on how to start a business, find a job, and give back to your community this is the perfect blog for you! There are a variety of posts that focus on how to navigate the work-world and retired life as a baby boomer. Silverstein also features other topics about hobbies, books, media, and the news. 


Best Caregiver Info Blogs:

Daily Caring

  • daily caring logoIf you are interested in Caregiver information this blog, Daily Caring, along with The Upside of Aging, are our top picks! Caregiving can be a difficult task, especially if you have a full time job outside of caregiving, but having an outlet to read about top caregiving tips & advice can make you feel more confident in your caregiving abilities.  Daily Caring offers tips for how to maintain your own wellbeing as a caregiver, as well as information on how to take care of your loved ones regarding their health, housing, and finances. There is even a new highlighted section that includes many articles related to Covid-19. Some of the posts focus on how best to handle lockdown restrictions and highlight activities that can be done at home to stay busy. Whether you are a paid caregiver, or you have unexpectedly found yourself in that role, caregiving is an exhausting job so having helpful resources, such as this blog, can make it less stressful.


The Upside to Aging

  • The upside to aging logoOur other top pick for the best caregiving blogs of 2020 is The Upside to Aging. This site has a particular focus on “caregiving with dignity” as the owner of the blog, Molly Wisniewski, has been caring for adults living with dementia for over ten years.  Caregiving can be frustrating at times, but Wisniewski highlights the positive side while giving her advice. She also features first-hand stories from other real caregivers. The relatability of the articles on this blog can help you feel more connected and less alone during the daunting task of caregiving. As a continuation of her writing, Wisniewski also wrote a book titled Caregiving Both Ways. The book gives a detailed guide of the caregiving process so if you have recently found yourself in the position of caregiver this blog as well as her book could be very beneficial to you!


Best Lifestyle Blogs:

Baby Boomster

  • Photo of Rebecca Olkowski of Baby BoomsterRebecca Olkowski of Baby Boomster, covers a wide range of lifestyle topics from health & wellness to travel. Her content is catered towards active women over 50 looking for an outlet to learn new things and become the best version of themselves. Olkowski calls herself a “boomster” which is a hip & urban baby boomer so if you relate to those characteristics this blog is perfect for you. With the holiday season coming up, you may be wanting to get a head start on your holiday prep. Olkowski has holiday recipes and gift guides already published and ready to be read. If you’re looking for a catch all lifestyle blog that covers almost every topic under the sun, check out Baby Boomster!


Born to Be Boomers

  • Photo of Tricia from Born to Be BoomersBorn to Be Boomers is a “lifestyle blog for the over 50 crowd” with features about travel, food, health & wellness, retirement and more. Tricia, the owner of Born to Be Boomers, shares her experiences and adventures as a recently retired mom, grandma, wife, and traveler! If you are interested in traveling to places on the East Coast of the U.S., Tricia lists her favorite spots and offers advice on how to travel with pets and grandkids. Along with her travel articles, she gives advice on how to continue to better yourself by writing posts that include retirement tips, ways to volunteer, and how to take free college courses. This is another great all-encompassing lifestyle blog for boomers who are looking for tips from a family centered mid-lifer.


Honey Good

Photo of Susan Good looking out window

Photo credit to Megan Shuptar

  • Susan Good, also known as Honey, created Honey Good to “empower visibility in women 50+”. Honey has been through many hardships and those hardships allow her to share and give honest and real advice. Honey details her personal stories which allow you to feel connected to her and her other readers. Her site features these deep stories as well as fun articles about beauty & style, relationships, life and wisdom, and travel and entertainment. If you like personal stories mixed with relatable advice this is the blog to check out! Many women have been feeling lonely and isolated so if you are in need of more connection Honey Good also has a private Facebook group called, GRANDwomen with Moxie that you can join to connect with a diverse group of women. Although Honey Good is geared towards women over 50, this Facebook group is open and welcoming to any woman no matter the age. 


National Association of Baby Boomer Women

  • NABBW logoThe National Association of Baby Boomer Women is a group created to enlighten, empower, and educate women over 50. The Association includes columns written by experts, called NABBW Associates, as well as articles from other members. There are a wide variety of topics covered like current events, traveling, budgeting, health and fitness and everything in between. As a non-member you are able to read articles and expert columns for free but if you are looking for a little something extra, the association offers a membership for $50 per year where you will have access to exclusive content, free legal and financial advice, access to the live teleseminars, mid-life coaching, exclusive deals and promotions, and much more. 


Rock the Wrinkle

  • Rock the Wrinkle logoRock the Wrinkle, a blog written by Laura, has a personal and inviting feel to it. Laura has 30+ years of experience writing, which allows her to share her experiences, thoughts and opinions in an expressive and articulate manner. Laura has embraced life after 50 and is hoping to inspire others to do the same. She hopes to help people “achieve the rewarding lifestyle they’ve earned” through her personal stories and experiences. She also includes snippets from other articles as well as inspirational quotes from well-known people. If you are looking for personal storytelling, eloquent writing, and inspiration this is the perfect blog!


Grandma’s Briefs

  • Grandmas briefs logoIf you are a grandparent, this is the blog for you! Grandma’s Briefs is written by Lisa Carpenter, a grandma, mom, wife, and freelance writer. Carpenter was inspired to start this blog when she became a grandma in 2008. She was looking for other blogs written by and for grandparents but found very few. She wanted to help and connect with others who were going through similar experiences. Carpenter shares details about her life with funny and personal snippets about being a mom, grandma, and baby boomer.  She also features recipes, reviews, weekly links to other grandparent bloggers, and interviews with other active grandmothers who are breaking the stereotype of the grey-haired, rocking chair grandmas. Even if you aren’t a grandparent you are likely to connect with her amusing stories and knowledgeable advice! 


Best Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs:

Fab over 50

  • Fab over 50 LogoFab over Fifty, a blog founded by Geri Brin, is a place “where women of substance share their style”. This blog is catered towards women over 50 looking to embrace their changing bodies, attitudes, thoughts, and opinions. If you are interested in first-hand personal stories, interviews with experts from all industries, giveaways, and reviews, this is a blog you will want to explore. There are a variety of topics are featured including: fashion, beauty, skincare, health & wellness, and even more taboo topics like sex and plastic surgery. For those women who are fabulous and over 50, check out this blog!


Sixty and Me

  • Sixty and Me logoAnother great blog that is geared towards baby boomer women is Sixty and Me. With a very large community of like-minded women who read this blog, you are able to feel connected, even during a time where personal connection feels sparse. There is a very wide array of topics that are available to choose from such as health, travel, finances, general life, dating, and beauty. With articles, interviews from experts, videos, and advice from other women, you are very likely to find posts that you enjoy reading. There are also links to free online games to keep your mind sharp, especially during this uncertain time where you are home more than usual. If you want a catch all blog that features every topic under the sun, check out Sixty and Me. 


Other Top Blogs:

Everything Zoomer

  • Everything Zoomer logoThis online magazine publication features recent news, trends and advice columns with a twist: everything is geared towards the Baby Boomer audience. The large number of articles cover every topic from politics, to sports, to style. The posts give unbiased viewpoints about recent trends along with opinion pieces from experts and baby boomers just like you. They also have articles that fall under these other categories: health, travel, food, arts & entertainment, sex & love, and money so there is an article for everyone. If you are interested in an online magazine style format that has extra magazine perks like horoscopes, games, and contests, this is a great site for you to check out.


Changing Aging 

  • Changing aging logoChanging Aging with Dr. Bill Thomas, is a platform that “challenges the conventional views of aging”. Dr. Thomas is a teacher, entrepreneur, musician, author and physician who uses his expertise to examine and improve care and stigmas around aging. This blog is more educational in nature and it discusses topics like agism, dementia, cultural changes and elderhood. If you feel as though there are negative stigmas and stereotypes around aging and the senior demographic this is an eye opening and informative blog that allows you to explore these different viewpoints and topics.



  • Boom Speak logoBoomSpeak features original content written by baby boomers from all different backgrounds which provides unique perspectives about travel, culture, and life in general. Oftentimes the senior and retiree demographics feel like they don’t have much time to do the things they love but this blog challenges that thinking and instead says “your whole life’s in front of you”. BoomSpeak emphasizes the fact that their blog posts are written by baby boomers for baby boomers. Because of this fact, there is an extra level of connection that you feel when reading each post. If you are interested in personal essays, fiction pieces, and posts about travel and culture this is a great blog for you to explore! If you are a baby boomer in need of a creative outlet, you can write and submit 400 word articles for the potential to be published!