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Top Travel Accessories for the Holiday Season

Top Travel Accessories for the Holiday Season

October 1, 2019

Travel season is about to begin, as people start visiting their friends and family across the world for the holidays. As we all know, traveling can be quite frustrating as you dash around the airport or sit in traffic due to high volumes of travelers. And, with thousands of products out there claiming to make traveling easier, it can be hard to identify which to prioritize based on your unique needs and routines. Here are our top travel accessories to carry for the holiday season and beyond!

1. Wheeled Suitcase

Want to avoid lugging around a heavy bag while traveling? Try transitioning to a wheeled suitcase for easier accessibility throughout your journeys. Believe us — your back will thank you.

2. Book Light

There’s no need to strain your eyes when reading in dimly lit settings. Instead, always have a book light nearby for reading at night in dark planes, trains and cars. You can even choose between battery-operated book lights or rechargeable options based on your travel needs!

3. Neck Pillow

It can be hard for some people to sleep when traveling in cramped conditions, and neck pains from improper sleeping positions only make traveling more stressful. Consider bringing a neck pillow as a solution! Most neck pillows even have a hook-and-loop fastening strap to attach to luggage when transitioning from one place to another.

 4. Wearever Undergarments

With Wearever’s maximum pee-proof protection, you no longer have to worry about light to heavy leakage during your journey. Our undergarments come in a variety of sizes, styles and absorbency levels, and they’re completely reusable for up to 200-250 washes. Before you leave home for the holidays, try your first pair of women’s panties or men’s briefs completely risk free with our First Pair Guarantee.

Stay safe, and enjoy your travels!