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Symptoms of Overactive Bladder that Interrupt Lives

Symptoms of Overactive Bladder that Interrupt Lives

August 8, 2011


Throughout the day, do you notice that urination is difficult to control? The symptoms of overactive bladder vary for both men and women, but commonly, doctors have found that exhibiting force and pressure upon full bladders can produce leaks. For example, dribbles can appear from routine daily changes in body form, such as posture movements, strains and lifts. In more urgent cases of incontinence, uncontrollable urges to urinate may also evolve during the day. When life requires these necessary tasks and movements, protect your body with incontinence briefs that are designed to outperform inventions of the past. Don’t opt for a bulky adult daily diaper, when fashionable incontinence underwear with double protection are available from Weareverincontinence.com. Designed to control and conceal female and male urine leakage, Wearever super briefs and premium brands from Wearever are ready to keep you on task, no matter how severe your overactive bladder symptoms may be.

Male Urine Leakage Tests to Determine Causes


Once diagnosed and treating incontinence, whether stress, urge or overflow, it is important to know the medical tests that you will need to undergo to determine the severity of female and male urine leakage. Your doctor may order one of the following:

  • stress test to measure urinating patterns
  • urinalysis to search for evidence of infection
  • blood tests to determine agents that cause incontinence
  • ultrasound to see kidneys, ureters and bladders
  • cystoscopy to record the functions inside
  • urodynamic techniques to weigh pressures on the flow of leaks


While working with a medical professional to determine the cause, find comfort in products that will allow you to continue an active lifestyle. The symptoms of overactive bladder can be overwhelming, but the durable security provided by Wearever will surely minimize the wetness and discomfort associated with this disorder.

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