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Steps Toward Overcoming the Link Between an Overactive Bladder and Depression

Steps Toward Overcoming the Link Between an Overactive Bladder and Depression

April 1, 2020

Having an overactive bladder can often lead to feelings of shame, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression. These feelings can sometimes stem from a lack of control, such as when unexpected leaks occur. But experiencing urinary incontinence symptoms doesn’t have to feel like a lonely, unconquerable battle. We know that urinary incontinence does not define one’s lifestyle, happiness or social capabilities. Check out these tips for staying active and positive while managing symptoms of an overactive bladder.

  • • Seek Treatment from Your Doctor

Always consult with your doctor about a treatment plan for your unique medical conditions. Your doctor could have solutions to help alleviate your symptoms specific to your recent medical history.

  • • Coping with Stress and Acknowledging Signs of Depression

Learning to cope with stress can help you maintain your composure when you feel overwhelmed by urinary incontinence symptoms. There are plenty of online resources for learning how to deal with stress and communicating in a safe space with those who suffer from similar symptoms. Be sure to embrace your community of loved ones for support and know that you are not alone in this battle.

  • • Think About Life from a Positive Perspective

Instead of fixating on bladder leakage, try to actively think about more positive aspects in your life. For example, make a list of the people and things you cherish most to boost your mood when you’re feeling down. That way, you can easily reference positive moments to help lift your spirits in times of need. 

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