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Six Things Guys Should Do for their Incontinence

Six Things Guys Should Do for their Incontinence

June 14, 2012

While adult incontinence is most common in women, it’s estimated that 3.4 million adult males in the US are to be living with it. Despite what many guys believe, urinary incontinence doesn’t simply mean they’re getting older and is a very treatable manageable condition.

1. Think About What You Drink – for men who live with incontinence, they shouldn’t just mind HOW MUCH they drink, they should be careful to manage what they drink when. Alcohol makes everyone urinate more, whether or not they have incontinence. Also, caffeine and carbonated drinks may further irritate the bladder for some patients. Try cutting back on coffee, soda and alcohol for a while and see what kind of effect it has. Also, try to monitor and record what you drink and when, so you can track changes in your routine.

2. Watch What You Eat – No particular diet has been linked to worsening symptoms of urinary incontinence. But from man to man, different foods trigger different reactions by their bladder. For many men, spicy foods, chocolate and artificial sweeteners have been found guilty. Similar to your fluids, chart what you eat and when so you can monitor any changes, then try cutting back on foods that you think may have an affect on your bladder.

3. Manage Stress – Incontinence can be a stressor. Better managing your overall stress could help you control the stress that incontinence brings, as well as develop better control of your body and its functions.

4. Train your Bladder – Humans are creatures of habit. Try creating a habitual urination schedule – go every half-hour, whether you need to or not. Then try gradually expanding the time in between each visit. As your time expands, you can potentially decrease the urges to go in between your regularly scheduled visits.

5. Strengthening your Muscles – You pelvic muscle, which you use to hold in gas or urine, is just that – a muscle. Meaning with exercise, you can strengthen it. Kegel exercises are not just for women who have just had babies, but for men who could benefit from better control of their pelvic region.

6. Incontinence Underwear – For men with incontinence, discretion is important. A lot of delicate machismo have suffered blows to their pride from having urinary incontinence, despite the fact that so many men live and manage the condition. For those who seek peace of mind along with discretion, incontinence underwear is the answer. Unlike adult diapers, incontinence briefs look and feel like regular undergarments, with a protective incontinence pad on the inside of your briefs or boxers. You can continue your active lifestyle, with complete discretion. Not to mention you can wash and reuse your incontinence briefs and boxers, instead of throwing away diapers – leaving evidence in the locker room trashcans.

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