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My Loved One Has Incontinence but Hasn’t Confronted It, What Can I Do?

My Loved One Has Incontinence but Hasn’t Confronted It, What Can I Do?

April 3, 2013

Incontinence can be an embarrassing experience for anyone who is affected by it, whether it is the person who has incontinence or a relative. It can be challenging for people to help their loved ones come to terms with the fact that they have incontinence, as it is an awkward topic to address and the person may be in denial. However, these tips should help lead your conversation.

Helping Your Loved One Come to Terms with Incontinence

The best way to approach your relative or friend is with an open, honest and calm conversation. According to The CareGiver Partnership, this is the perfect first step to take when addressing the issue at hand. Make sure you have plenty of time to sit down and have an in depth discussion about the symptoms you have noticed and how you just want to get them help. Recognize that this is a sensitive topic, and choose your words wisely. You don’t want your friend or relative to feel like you are blaming them or are upset by their incontinence.

Become that person’s ally and supporter. You will want to let them know that they are not alone in their journey, and that you are here to help them with whatever they might need. It’s important for someone dealing with incontinence to know that they are not alone in their fight — as it can be a lonesome and embarrassing journey.

Provide them with incontinence aids, such as incontinence panties or incontinence briefs. These products are designed specifically for the needs of patients with incontinence, providing them comfort, protection and security. Other good aids include waterproof mattress pads and absorbent under sheets for chairs. These tools provide comfort and security for people dealing with incontinence, allowing them to venture out into public and enjoy life without having to worry about an embarrassing accident.

Remember that some people might be afraid to make these purchases; you can help them out by going to the store with them or for them. At Wearever, “discreet is our middle name”. All of our orders are shipped in non-identifying parcels for this exact reason.

Be a true friend when they need it. Incontinence comes on suddenly and it can’t be controlled, so if you are with that person when an accident happens, help them clean up. Your loved one will feel much more comfortable going out into public when they know they have an advocate by their side who is willing to help them out during a time of crisis. You will be helping them to live their life again without fear.

For some people, it can be years before they address the fact that they do have incontinence. Sometimes, it takes gentle urging from a trusted friend or a loving relative for them to seek the help that they need. Typically, patients find that they feel so much better and much more in control of their lives when they finally get some relief from their incontinence. Incontinence can prevent people from enjoying their golden years – so take charge and don’t let that happen to your loved one.

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