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Here’s a Plan to Manage Your Incontinence During the Holidays – Tackle the Tinkle!

Here’s a Plan to Manage Your Incontinence During the Holidays – Tackle the Tinkle!

December 10, 2014

Between attending numerous holiday parties and gatherings, not to mention taking time out to spend with friends and family, the holiday season has the tendency to be rather disruptive to one’s everyday routine. But the holidays have the potential to be even more disruptive and challenging to those who experience urinary incontinence.

However, just because you experience incontinence doesn’t mean you should be prevented from doing the things that you enjoy doing, whether it’s around the holidays, or any other time of year. But as the holidays are fast approaching, here’s a look at 5 tips to manage incontinence this holiday season.

5 Tips for Managing Incontinence Around the Holidays

Travel Smart

Traveling for the holidays? Do it smartly. If you’re venturing by plane or train, make sure you book an aisle seat for easy, faster access to onboard restrooms. Also, be sure to plan ahead and arrive at the airport or train station early, so you’re relaxed and have plenty of time to use the bathroom before boarding.

Think Before You Drink

For best results in managing urinary incontinence, avoid drinking anything with caffeine or alcohol. Caffeine is a diuretic, and can actually help encourage incontinence, while carbon in soda can irritate the bladder. Alcohol actually helps relax muscles related to urinary control. Instead of alcohol or caffeine, opt for water – and lots of it. Most doctors recommend the consumption of 6-8 glasses a day. Why? Because dehydration can worsen urinary incontinence symptoms.

Incontinence Assistance

Products such as incontinence briefs and incontinence pads won’t necessarily eliminate symptoms, but can help you better manage them. Such products are subtle and very effective.


The holidays are fast approaching, but it’s not too late to begin performing pelvic floor exercises – which are designed to strengthen the bladder muscles – to resolve many cases of urinary incontinence. These exercises strengthen muscles that may have been weakened by previous events, such as prostate surgery or pregnancy. So, while it may be too late to adequately strengthen your bladder this holiday season, it’s not too late to attempt to permanently fix your incontinence issues with such exercises.

Weight Loss

Like the exercises mentioned above, this may not be feasible this year, but it can certainly make for a good New Year’s Resolution so that you don’t have to worry about incontinence next year at this time. Simply put, incontinence is also linked to obesity, as excess weight can put excess pressure on bladder muscles, thus leading to urinary leakage. Losing this weight, in many cases, resolves the issue completely.


Bottom line – don’t let incontinence interrupt your holiday season. From undergarments, to proper planning, to living healthier, incontinence is only a minor inconvenience that can be managed or resolved completely with just a little bit of effort. To take your incontinence panties or incontinence briefs with you on your travels, visit our store and browse our selection.

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