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Ladies – Reducing Your Caffeine Intake Can Help Lessen Incontinence Issues

Ladies – Reducing Your Caffeine Intake Can Help Lessen Incontinence Issues

August 29, 2012
Caffine can affect Incontinence

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While it is no secret that caffeine increases bladder activity, it is not proven to be a consistent aggravator in every female incontinence case. It is said that women who consume more than four cups of caffeine daily are the ones who will suffer from incontinence or an overactive bladder the most.

What is it about caffeine that makes you have to urinate so much? It’s the high diuretic levels that increase the amount of urine you make. If you find you are drinking a lot of coffee and having to frequently urinate, it might be time to change your caffeine habits.

Acting as a diuretic, caffeine can also cause contractions of the muscles associated with the bladder, leading to unexpected urinary leaks. If you consume caffeine quickly, you should also be warned that your habit could cause permanent damage to the bladder muscle, leading to incontinence issues that could be harder to address later on.

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