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Know Your Size: Adult Incontinence Products

Know Your Size: Adult Incontinence Products

July 15, 2014

It’s estimated that about 25 million people living throughout North America experience some sort of incontinence, or the unintentional leakage of urine. Such issues can arise for a variety of reasons and range from minor to major in severity. Some people can even kick incontinence altogether by either taking medication, exercising the pelvic muscles to curb unnecessary urine leakage or by changing other aspects of their lifestyle, such as their diet.

No matter whether it’s a long-term or short-term issue, people should be aware that there are a variety of adult incontinence products that they can use to manage symptoms. Here’s a look at how to find the correct fit for incontinence products that will offer you full protection and confidence when ordering.

Adult Incontinence Products

Incontinence briefs are undergarments that are best used to stay dry throughout the day. These fitted briefs can be easily pulled on and pulled off, and they completely replace typical boxers or briefs. Contrary to what many people believe, incontinence briefs differ from adult diapers. They’re much more subtle, appear like normal underwear, and are used by those with urinary leakage, whereas adult diapers are meant for those who also have bowel incontinence.

  • Incontinence briefs and boxer briefs come in all different types of sizes, ranging from small to XXX-large. Sizes are best selected using our sizing guide that matches your waist size.
  • Incontinence panties for women are available by hip measurement, in a variety of sizes from XS to 10XL. Sizes vary by product, so find your favorite pair on the sizing chart before ordering.


Finding the Right Fit

So how do you properly pick the size for men’s incontinence briefs and women’s incontinence panties, especially considering that men’s sizes vary from small to 3XL and women’s panties range from XS to 10XL? Simply put, men’s briefs are measured by waist size and women’s by hip size, so it’s important to know your measurements before selecting an incontinence product.

What do you do if your measurements are in between two sizes?

size chart for incontinence underwear for men

For men, we’d recommend trying the two sizes you’re in between and seeing what fits best. You could also pick the larger size for a more comfortable fit in the waist. For women, we recommend going with the larger of the two sizes.

A final point of note when it comes to sizing incontinence undergarments for women: While sizing is consistent throughout all products for men, women’s sizes vary based on the particular product. So always be sure to reevaluate your size before choosing a new type of panty.

size chart for women's incontinence underwear

Incontinence is a common condition. In many cases, it’s even correctable over time. For others, it’s something that they may deal with for the rest of their lives. Whatever your case, there are a number of adult incontinence products available to help manage symptoms with minimal inconvenience. One quick measurement will tell you which size works best for you or your loved ones.

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