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Is it possible to travel with incontinence?

Is it possible to travel with incontinence?

July 12, 2013

Traveling with incontinence doesn’t have to be stressful or embarrassing while driving or flying. Suffering from a loss of bladder control should never come between you and seeing the world, and proper preparation for your trip can ensure a worry-free experience.

Consult with a Physician

Traveling with Incontinence- Wearever IncontineneceDiscuss both your travel plans and concerns regarding your incontinence with a physician as far in advance as possible. A doctor can offer sound advice pertaining to urinary incontinence issues and help you decide if prescription medication is right for you during your trip. Take this opportunity to have a thorough checkup and ensure you have enough refills of current medications to last through your travels.

Successful Tips for Planning Travel

If any aspect of the trip involves airline or bus travel, book early and request reserved seating on the aisle, near a bathroom. Many airlines permit you to select your seat online during booking, so no one needs to know about your situation. Inquire about baggage restrictions when booking if you require additional space for incontinence briefs or panties. An extra supply is advisable in the event of delays. Travel by car should be planned through major routes that offer ample opportunities for restroom breaks.

Clothing Tips During the Journey

Wear dark colored clothing to help disguise any mishaps, and choose loose fitting clothing that is comfortable and easy to remove. Take along an extra set of clothing in your travel or carry on bag, as well as a supply of incontinence panties or incontinence briefs. Also, consider bringing an extra jacket or cardigan that you can tie around your waist to disguise accidents.

Food and Drink Considerations for Traveling

Temptation to cut back on fluid intake is natural; however, you should consume ample good fluids like water or electrolyte drinks to prevent dehydration. This is particularly vital when traveling by plane. Avoid beverages that overwork the bladders like alcohol, coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Meals should be light to prevent bloating or queasiness, as the body’s digestive clock can get off balance during travel.

One Last Tip Before Departure

Unfortunately, two-thirds of individuals who experience loss of bladder control symptoms do not use any treatment or product to manage their incontinence, thus they miss out on a normal life. Suffering from urinary incontinence doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. Help is available, and you can live a normal life with UI, especially with convenient reusable incontinence products for men and women. They offer less bulk, look and feel like normal undergarments, and are far more convenient for travel than disposables. Be prepared before that next trip, and happy travels!

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