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Is Incontinence Underwear a Good Solution for Heavy Menstrual Cycles?

Is Incontinence Underwear a Good Solution for Heavy Menstrual Cycles?

October 4, 2012

People grow at different rates and hit development milestones at different times. One baby might learn to crawl at six months and another at nine months. These milestones contribute to making us who we are as individuals. Just like crawling, younger females begin their menstrual cycles at different ages and each female has a different experience than the next. One female could have a normal cycle for just two days while another female can experience a heavier (almost uncontrollable) cycle that lasts even longer.

Teens and older women who deal with heavy menstrual cycles must consistently battle what to wear, what activities they can enjoy, etc. They deal with spotting and change tampons and pads often, hoping they are protected from leakage throughout the night. While these aren’t “end of the world” scenarios, they can contribute to self-esteem issues or embarrassing situations. Luckily there are straightforward options that can help.

Reusable incontinence underwear is a viable solution to a heavy menstrual cycle because they are specifically made for absorbency. The higher absorbency panties will help you make it through an event – or even an entire night – without having to worry about leaking or spotting. Wearever’s incontinence panties offer a sewn-in pad to trap liquid and are also treated with odor eliminating fibers. Try Wearever women’s super incontinence panties today – they offer twice as much protection with the same comfort, style and reliability as normal underwear options.

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