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Everything You Need To Know About Incontinence Bed Pads

Everything You Need To Know About Incontinence Bed Pads

March 11, 2021

Bed pads are waterproof sheets that are put under your sheets to protect your mattress from night-time accidents. Incontinence bed pads are commonly used on baby and children’s beds to protect from bed wetting. Although less common, many adults suffer from nocturnal enuresis as well according to The National Association for Continence.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there can be a variety of different reasons as to why you may be suffering from night time bed wetting such as medication side effects, neurological disorders, bladder issues, etc. For more information about adult bed wetting check out our article, “Causes of Adult Bed Wetting and Solutions”.

Bed pads offer protection and peace of mind and for anyone who is dealing with night-time accidents. Keep reading to learn about the different styles & size of incontinence bed pads, how to care for them, and alternative ways to use them.


Disposable vs. Reusable Bed Pads

There are two main types of incontinence bed pads:  disposable and reusable.

Disposable bed pads are single-use items. They are typically made from a less resilient fabric and are meant for use in situations where washing the bed pads between uses would not be possible. However, reusable bed pads can be used many times and are able to be washed between uses.

Although reusable bed pads can be a bit more expensive up front, you will save more money in the long run. Single use items can be damaging to the environment, so many people are starting to consider using washable products when possible.


Waterproof Bed Pad

Like the beds they protect, bed pads come in a variety of different sizes, the most common being 34” x 36”. This size is perfect for twin size or hospital beds and is also great to use on other furniture around your home.Incontinence washable bed pad on mattress

There are smaller sizes like, 18” x 24” or  24” x 36”, that are more geared towards furniture, like dining chairs or wheelchairs, but they can also be used over mattresses as well.

On the larger side of the spectrum there are 36” x 72” bed pads which are perfect for queen or king size beds.


Incontinence Bed Pads with Wingsreusable bed pad with wings

Many reusable bed pads also come in winged varieties. These “wings” are also known as  “tuck in tails,” and are extra fabric on the sides of the bed pad that you tuck underneath the mattress.

This helps the bed pad stay in place and puts your mind at ease knowing the pad wont slip around under the sheets. Incontinence bed pads with wings are perfect for restless sleepers.


How to Wash Reusable Incontinence Bed Pads

In the case of most reusable incontinence bed pads, including our Wearever bed pads, the pad should be washed after each use.

Of course you should always check the manufacturer’s washing instructions before washing, but most bed pads can be machine washed in cool or warm water and dried on a low tumble dry setting.

Additives like fabric softeners or chlorine bleaches can potentially affect the absorbency, so be cautious if you use those. Feel free to wash them alone or with any of your other regular laundry items.


Alternative Uses for Washable Bed Pads

Pet Pads

When you take your pets to the vet, kennel, or doggie daycare, they can often get nervous and frightened – and that can lead to unfortunate accidents in your car!

Waterproof bed pads are a great option to prevent puppy pee in your vehicle, so just layer a bed pad in their carrier or in the backseat of your car. This allows for easy clean up in the case of an accident, and can also protect your upholstery from claw marks.

Running Errands

Beyond protecting your car from pet urine, you never know when having a washable bed pad in your car could come in handy for keeping your seats clean and dry.

When you bring plants home from the garden center, or transport party platters in your trunk, spread out the liner to protect your car interior. This can also be a quick save for sudden braking!

Our Economy bed pads are the perfect inexpensive option for keeping in your glovebox, and are also high quality, and durable.

Car Seat Covers for Swim Season

elderly couple running and laughing on the beachAfter a fun day at the pool or beach you rarely have any dry towels left. When you put the already damp towels on your seats in your car, the chlorinated water or sea salt can stain and damage your leather or fabric.

Prevent lingering moisture by placing a lined waterproof bed pad under yourself for a comfortable and dry drive home!

Surgery and Illness

After a procedure it can take some time to feel like yourself again. Nausea, vomiting, sweat, and incision drainage are normal after surgery, so make sure you plan for this possibility by putting a bed pad on your bed or floor until you’ve healed.

Coming down with the cold or flu is inevitable from time to time. When you, or someone in your family is sick don’t let stains and odors ruin your bedding or carpet.

Absorbent bed pads are soft, comfortable, and can help make unwanted messes a little easier to clean up.

Hardwood Floor & Furniture Protection

If your refrigerator or freezer starts to leak, it can be a race against time to protect your floors. Minimize the damage from leaky appliances by spreading out your bed pad under the leak while you call for repairs.

green, red and blue plaid washable incontinence bed padYou can also use bed pads on furniture aside from beds. Dining room chairs and sofas are a great place to put bed pads on in case of accidents or spills.

Often incontinence bed pads can in bland colors but a plaid design like these plaid absorbent bed pads will look nice on display in your home.


Washable and reusable bed pads are an environmentally friendly and affordable option for protection against night time accidents. They are easy to use, easy to care for, and the perfect item to have on hand because of their versatility.

If you want extra night time protection, check out Wearever’s selection of reusable bed pads. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes Wearever has options that suit everyone.