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Is Holding Urine Bad?

Is Holding Urine Bad?

July 29, 2015

There may not always be a bathroom nearby when the urge hits but holding it may not be the best option. There are several reasons why holding your urine when you have to go can be harmful in both the long and short term. Knowing what makes it dangerous to hold your urine can help you decide to find a restroom as soon as you need to go. Here are three reasons that you should never try to hold your urine when you really have to go.

  1. Damages Your Bladder- the first reason that you should avoid holding your urine is that it has the potential to damage your bladder when you do so. Your bladder is a very fragile organ that is thinner than you may think. The longer you hold your urine, the more opportunity that bacteria has to grow which means that urinary tract infections are going to be more common. Urinary tract infections are painful and can cause long term damage to the bladder, kidneys and other parts of your urinary tract. It is important that if you feel the urge to go, you get to the bathroom quickly and empty your bladder so that bacteria does not have the chance to grow.
  2. Damage to Muscles- those who suffer from incontinence are going to be at a greater risk of damage to the muscles in the bladder and the urethra. Those who suffer from incontinence are also more prone to accidents when they hold their urine. Though you can train your body to go less or to be able to hold urine longer, it is not ideal for those that do have incontinence issues. You can cause serious damage to the muscles in your urinary tract if you do not go when you need to.
  3. Kidney Issues- the main function of your kidneys is to move waste out of the body by filtering the water that we drink. When you do not empty your bladder so that the waste can be circulated out of the body, it can cause health problems with your kidneys. Kidney stones, infection, and even discomfort and pain can all be associated with a system that is not able to empty on a regular basis. You should be sure that you are going to the bathroom when you feel the need. This does not mean that you have to go every hour on the hour or every time you get a pang, but when you feel that you need to go it is important to empty your bladder so that you kidneys have the ability to properly filter out the liquids that we are drinking.

All of these issues are simply magnified with those that do have incontinence issues. Make sure that if you are having trouble getting to a bathroom that you discuss, with your doctor, what issues and problems that may come from holding your urine. Make sure you are emptying your bladder on a regular basis to keep your urinary tract in good health. Though it may seem like a great idea to hold it until you find a better bathroom, you should make sure you are going regularly.

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