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Helping Your Teenager Cope with Incontinence

Helping Your Teenager Cope with Incontinence

September 18, 2012

Being a teenager is hard enough. Is my style cool enough? Do people like me? Will this be good enough for my peers/teachers/parents, etc.?

Teens ask themselves a million questions, but one of the heaviest and most fundamental is often based in their level of self worth and resulting confidence. As a parent, it is so important to be there for your child to help them navigate these tricky waters.

If dealing with normal self-confidence issues isn’t enough during the formative teenage years, try throwing incontinence into the mix as well. Dealing with the thought of whether or not you are going to lose control of your bladder while you’re at school or playing sports could possibly be traumatic to one’s self esteem.

But issues like this don’t have to equate to poor self-esteem, and teens suffering from incontinence issues can still lead perfectly normal lives.  Specialty underwear is available that is virtually indistinguishable from normal underwear, and there are several style choices available. Take, for example, these Lovely Lace Incontinence Panties that come in black, ivory or white.

With special women’s incontinence panties and men’s incontinence briefs, it is so much easier to put this one worry to rest. Aside from being consoling and supportive, help your teen find incontinence underwear that is both protective and something they can feel confident wearing.

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