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Fecal Incontinence: What is it and how do I deal with it?

Fecal Incontinence: What is it and how do I deal with it?

December 12, 2012

The only thing harder to establish in your day-to-day life than having to deal with urinary incontinence is fecal incontinence. It typically occurs more often in women if they have had several children. As they age, both men and women can experience the unintended passage of small amounts of stool. Eventually it can worsen and become severe enough that bowel movements can and pass without warning.

Fecal incontinence can cause secondary health conditions like urinary tract infections, ulcers and skin rashes. It can also lead to a decreased quality of life due to a lower self-esteem, shame, depression or embarrassment. Those who do not seek medical help can sometimes become isolated and socially withdrawn. It is important to seek help both from a medical professional and also from loved ones. Don’t let your personal life suffer because of a medical condition that can be monitored.

Due to the fact that fecal incontinence can lead to urinary tract infections it is very common that a person dealing with fecal incontinence is also dealing with urinary incontinence. To help deal with these situations, day-to-day solutions exist, such as alternative underwear like our incontinence panties and incontinence briefs. You always have the option of purchasing disposable incontinence underwear, but reusables make sense financially in the long term.

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