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Ease the Discomfort of Overflow Incontinence

Ease the Discomfort of Overflow Incontinence

October 23, 2015

Could the discomfort you’re experiencing be caused by overflow incontinence? Overflow incontinence is a type of urinary incontinence (lacking control over the bladder) that involves your bladder not being able to fully empty itself. The result is trickles of urine that happens fairly often. The University of Maryland Medical Center explains that there are numerous causes and risk factors for this condition, including: 

  • An inactive bladder muscle
  • Obstruction in the bladder
  • Nerve damage
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (a health condition men can experience where the prostate gland increases in size)
  • Certain medications
  • Other causes

Your doctor can help you figure out what is causing the incontinence to help find the best treatment options. To manage the overflow incontinence and ease the associated feelings, try some natural solutions.

Take Care of Your Skin

You might experience irritation of your skin because of increased urination. Some methods to relieve this include wiping with a washcloth instead of paper, letting the skin dry on its own and applying some type of barrier cream to the skin, such as cocoa butter. Also, clean the area gently in the shower or a bath. For cleansing, you can also find specialty incontinence wipes that clean the area without creating additional problems.

Catch the Leaks

Many people use external or internal products to catch the dribbling caused by this type of incontinence. There are various types to choose from based on the preference and sex of each person. You could opt for a pad to put into your underwear or an adult diaper. Changing these items frequently helps minimize discomfort that could be caused if the area stays wet for too long.

In addition, men can use drip collectors that go around the genitals or penile clamps that catch the drips. Women can opt for urethral caps on the outside or products to insert, such as silicon pessaries that are custom fitted.

Try a More Comfortable and Stylish Option

Specialty underwear is another option that can make people with incontinence more comfortable and look more natural in their clothing. This specialty underwear is made to look like normal underwear, helping catch leaks while also improving self-esteem and comfort.

For instance, women can choose Wearever’s Lovely Lace Trim Incontinence Panties that feature a lace look that is very flattering. Wearever also carries briefs for men and attractive Incontinence Boxer Briefs for those who prefer boxers.