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Diabetic Socks – Why You Need Them, and What Makes them Different

Diabetic Socks – Why You Need Them, and What Makes them Different

February 25, 2015

If you suffer from diabetes, you may have heard that you must take care of your feet. Those who suffer from diabetes often incur nerve damage or neuropathy that increases the risk of injury due to decreased sensitivity in your feet. You can literally get injured and be unaware of the injury. Because diabetics are more likely to suffer from circulatory problems, you may have a harder time healing as well. What’s more, if you have high blood sugar levels, you may be unaware that your immune system is not working properly.

Minor Injuries Lead to Serious Problems

This risk of injury is serious and should not be ignored. People with diabetes can suffer amputation or even death from these problems. According to a study in 2001, many diabetic patients had to receive amputations, and within three years had to have a second amputation. About 80 percent of those who had amputations died within five years.

Obviously, with such alarming numbers, a diabetic needs to take good care of his or her hands and feet. By inspecting his or her extremities and taking care of injuries such as bruises, blisters, and cuts, he or she has a better chance of avoiding a potential amputation.

An Ounce of Prevention

Taking care of injuries is very important, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent injuries to your feet entirely? That is why diabetic socks are so important. Your socks need to be comfortable, well padded, and not have any constricting areas that could reduce blood flow. Socks that cause blisters should be avoided.

Diabetic Socks

Those who have decreased sensation in their feet can benefit from diabetic socks that are made from cotton. These socks are designed with no synthetics or elastics, and help to prevent binding, and eliminate skin irritation. Diabetic socks are also thickly padded so that they protect your feet from possible injury. Typically, white socks are highly preferable to dark colored socks as they will make injuries more visible, but any color diabetic socks will do. Wearever offers exclusive Buster Brown socks, which feature all of the elements mentioned above.

Other Footwear

Because of the inherent risk of injuring yourself without feeling it, it’s important for you to always wear socks and shoes. Your socks and shoes are your first line of defense when it comes to preventing injuries and stress sores. Like your socks, your shoes need to be extremely comfortable, as well. You should never have open toe or open back shoes, as they offer you no protection. While “sensible shoes” aren’t necessarily stylish, they will help save your life by protecting your feet.

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