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Celebrities Turning 60 this Year

Celebrities Turning 60 this Year

May 5, 2015

Although there is no clearly defined age when someone reaches “senior citizen” status, a pretty good barometer is when someone turns 60, when the so-called “golden years” begin. But for many, these golden years aren’t always golden, as medical issues often become more persistent, and the older age really starts to take its toll on the body, reminding people that they’re not as young as they used to be. For some, however, 60 is merely the new 40.

Despite the image that Hollywood portrays them in, we should remember that celebrities are people, too – and even they reach their golden years. Here’s a look at six notable celebrities who have already, or are turning 60 in 2015:

Celebrities Turning the Big 6-0

  • Gary Sinise – March 17: The man who played Lieutenant Dan in Forest Gump, and has since become a huge veteran’s advocate, is about 2 years closer to being eligible for that coveted social security check (not that he needs it). Sinise has 48 acting credits to his name, but none are arguably more impactful than the role he’s played in raising support for vets.
  • Barbara Kingsolver – April 8: Best known for her book The Poisonwood Bible, Kingsolver is an accomplished novelist and winner of the National Humanities Medal, an honor awarded by the President of the United States.
  • Iman – July 25: While Iman proves that she’s somewhat like a fine wine (i.e. just gets better with time), the Somali supermodel is celebrating a milestone birthday this July 25. I wonder what kind of advice she received from husband David Bowie, who turned 60 some eight years ago, about the milestone?
  • Bill Gates – October 28: The Microsoft founder and billionaire by age 32 turns 60 in October.
  • Maria Shriver – November 6: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife has made a career as an Emmy-winning filmmaker, news anchor and first lady of California. They say to stay busy if you want to continue feeling young – that’s Shriver for you, as she didn’t even let her husband’s infidelity stop her from her busy schedule.
  • Bill Nye – November 27: Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is known for his fun, family-friendly take on science, both through his former PBS show that ended in 1998 and through his continued work in the field. We wonder what science says about turning 60!

Sooner or later, father time catches up to everyone, including the celebrities who are listed above. But one thing to remember is that while 60 is often the start of new era, it’s just an age. It’s how you live that should define you – day in, and day out.

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