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Causes of Incontinence: A Quick Reference Guide

Causes of Incontinence: A Quick Reference Guide

August 8, 2011


Education is key when a medical condition such as stress incontinence arises. Therefore, in addition to knowing about incontinence underwear that will catch any and all leaks, it is important to know the causes of incontinence. To begin with, situations that put stress on the bladder, such as laughing, coughing and sneezing are the most common culprits of sneaky spills, but urges and frequent urination can also cause external stresses for individuals of all ages. An overactive bladder can also be the result of certain medical conditions, such as pregnancy, childbirth, strokes, kidney stones, and much more. Common in both men and women, these situations can cause distress of both mind and body. Regardless of the cause of leakage, protect yourself with durable incontinence briefs and incontinence panties that are designed to provide peace of mind and comfort of the body. Life doesn’t have to stop because of female and male incontinence. Find security and protection at Weareverincontinence.com.

Female and Male Incontinence: A Medical Supplement


Treating incontinence can seem a daunting task to any image-conscious adult. Supplement your wardrobe and your lifestyle with fashionable apparel designed to hide embarrassing wetness and soak up secretions. Protect outerwear with premium underwear, such as female and male incontinence briefs from Wearever, sure to help bring brighter days to active lifestyles. Don’t shy away from much-needed laughs and required lifting because of fear. Wearever can help you to hide the results of causes of incontinence with undergarments that outperform inventions of the past. Find a style of your preference today and continue living the way you want.

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