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Causes of Frequent Urination? Male and Female Symptoms

Causes of Frequent Urination? Male and Female Symptoms

August 5, 2011

Do you find that accidental urine leaks are appearing more so than usual? Do you find yourself making countless trips to the restroom each day? If so, it may be time to evaluate the cause of incontinence. There are many causes of frequent urination that are common in today’s society. Stress and pressure upon the bladder is typically the culprit. When overactive bladders cannot hold anymore, spills are inevitable. This is why Wearever provides discreet measures to conceal and soak up accidents, caused by frequent urination, prostate problems, stress on the bladder and leaks caused by childbirth and pregnancy. Try on some much-needed protection from sudden frequent urination today for a slimming and concealing solution to incontinence.

Experiencing frequent urination? Prostate problems may be to blame
Even though incontinence is less likely to affect males than females, it is still a very real disorder that can disrupt lives on a daily basis. If you are experiencing frequent urination, prostate problems may be responsible for constant soils. If the gland is enlarged or bladder muscles are contracting strongly, the pressure may be too much for overfull bladders. While working with a medical professional to reduce the amount of urine leakage, invest in incontinence briefs and padding that will help to conceal daily leaks. Wearever is committed to bringing secure apparel to our customers who are treating incontinence. We know that this disorder affects both women and men. Frequent urination does not have to stop you from continuing your daily activities. Keep browsing for solutions that are made to last and work right alongside you.

Looking for products for men? Frequent urination relief is on the way
Feel relieved and worry-free with quality incontinence briefs from Wearever. We define relief with every single product, made for both women and men. Frequent urination and stress, urge or overflow incontinence does not have to put a cramp in your style anymore. Shop for the most elaborately designed collections that provide freedom from wetness and odor. Though the causes of frequent urination and pesky leaks vary, know that our incontinence underwear line is consistent in providing comfort, durability and affordability for all.

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