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Can Diet Modification Help Control Incontinence?

Can Diet Modification Help Control Incontinence?

January 14, 2013

Many people with incontinence will try anything, even dietary changes, to get rid of their embarrassing urinary issues. One should know that there is no exact cure, dietary or otherwise, for incontinence. However, there are some dietary changes you can make to increase your control to a degree. According to The CareGiver Partnership there are many foods that you can remove from your diet to help eliminate bladder leakage, although none of them are proven or backed by science.

Foods to eliminate from your diet include:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Caffeinated or carbonated drinks
  • Milk
  • Citrus-based foods
  • Spiced foods
  • Tomato-based products

The best way to test the above foods and beverages to see which one irritates your bladder the most is to eliminate them one at a time. By doing this you can pinpoint exactly what food it is that bothers your bladder the most.

When eliminating beverages like coffee from your diet remember you are eliminating the caffeine, not the drink itself. You never want to eliminate healthy fluids from your diet or you could leave yourself prone to dehydration and other bacterias.

If eliminating any of the above still does not work try taking a look at your medications. There are many medications that could lead or contribute to ones incontinence. If all else fails, know you can always depend on Wearever’s incontinence underwear line to protect you.

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