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Bladder Leakage Protection is Technologically Advanced

Bladder Leakage Protection is Technologically Advanced

August 8, 2011


Remember the days when incontinence was treated with bulky contraptions that got in the way of your style, comfort and confidence? Those days are long gone. Bladder control for women and men from Wearever has evolved from technologically advanced creations that absorb wetness and encourage confident individuals, whether suffering from stress, urge or overflow incontinence. Whether you are shopping for yourself, a loved one, or as a caregiver, trust in products that counteract what causes overactive bladder with stylish fits, washable solutions and comfortable undergarments.

Determine What Causes Overactive Bladder


Determining the cause of urine leaks is sometimes a long process. While you are undergoing tests and procedures, exercise your right to look and feel good with premium incontinence underwear from Wearever. Once you determine what causes overactive bladder, maintain freshness and dry feelings with undergarments that continue to hold liquids for the life of the garment. The results are outstanding and the protection offers peace of mind! Secure your daily freedoms and active lifestyles with female incontinence underwear and male incontinence underwear from Weareverincontinence.com. You’re sure to find the perfect fit for treating incontinence.
Male Bladder Control Products Protect and Secure Dryness
Urinary incontinence is typically treated with medications, exercises, changes in diet and sometimes, even surgery. While evaluating the alternatives, ensure that your life continues to actively progress with protective undergarments for male bladder control. Weareverincontinence.com displays a variety of styles available specifically for men suffering from various types of incontinence. Embarrassing leaks will no longer occur with durable cotton and jersey fabrics that not only soak up secretions, but also work to eliminate odors. Stay dry day in and out while treating bladder leakage.

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