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Bladder Incontinence After Pregnancy: A Common Epidemic

Bladder Incontinence After Pregnancy: A Common Epidemic

August 8, 2011


It is such a joy to snuggle with your newborn infant once it debuts into the world, but the extra weight and pressure can take its toll on any mother. Bladder incontinence after pregnancy is very common due to the added stress of carrying a child for nine months. Don’t let urine leaks take away from this joyful time in your life. Protect yourself with quality incontinence panties from Wearever. We offer stylish fits for young moms-to-be, not so young moms, and even grandmothers. We can also supply fathers and grandfathers in need of adult male incontinence underwear. Wearever has male and female incontinence products that brighten the day almost as much as the new arrival.

Female Incontinence: Relief Has Arrived


Just as tiny tots make their way into the world, so do medical conditions that commonly affect mothers. If leaks are disrupting the lifestyle you wish to lead, fight female incontinence with durable designs and spillproof sensations from Weareverincontinence.com. Treating incontinence by providing relief for all sufferers of this epidemic, Wearever supplies briefs that soak up splashes with waterproof outer layers for double protection and machine washable products for easy care. Spend your time caring for your little one rather than focusing on urinary incontinence of women. Perfect apparel to simplify lives has arrived.


Urinary Incontinence of Women: An Ongoing Problem with a Solution


Long past the time when babies have grown into young adults, urine leakage may still continue for moms. Stay protected from bladder incontinence after pregnancy and later in life with bedding pads and incontinence underwear from Weareverincontinence.com. Modeled for all ages, sizes and shapes, our apparel forms to every and all body shapes and caters to stylish clients. Beat the odds of urinary incontinence of women and men by trying on the perfect solution to an ongoing problem affecting millions of people across the world.

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