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Alternative Uses for Incontinence Mattress Pads

Alternative Uses for Incontinence Mattress Pads

December 26, 2012

Deals From MS Do recently reviewed our incontinence mattress pads and came up with a new way they could be used. We thought it was so creative we wanted to share it with everyone else!

“At $19.99, the Wearever Mattress Pad with Wings are much more economical than the disposable mattress protectors marketed for children with bed wetting problems. They average out to about $1/night if a new protector is used each night, as indicated by most of the reviews I read. Just two of the bedding products available from Wearever would cost roughly the same price as a month’s supply of the disposable mattress protectors. Based upon the reviews that I read, parents are pleased with the absorbency provided by the disposable mattress pads. However, they seem to be a nightmare to remove from sheets. No matter what size mattress used, there is absolutely NO issue with the removal of any of the Wearever Bed Pads. Simply untuck the wings, remove, launder, and replace. If a second Wearever Bed Pad is available, the pad could be changed before the user even has a chance to change clothes.”

This reviewer also found that the materials used in Wearever’s mattress pads were not only a better environmental choice but a better financial choice too. Thanks for the great review, and thanks for finding another use for our product!

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