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Adult Male Incontinence Causes Vary

Adult Male Incontinence Causes Vary

August 8, 2011


Everyday, millions of individuals battle accidental urine leaks. Though most commonly associated with women, males also experience this problem. It is important to know that adult male incontinence is not a disease, but rather a disorder that can induce embarrassment, inconvenience and depleted self confidence. There are many symptoms that trigger leaks and the feelings described. For instance, pressure on the body’s system, such as laughing, coughing and sneezing can produce accidental releases of urine, as well as frequent urination and overflow from an irritable bladder. And, incontinence also can be related to or a result of complications due to major medical conditions, such as nerve damage and strokes. Whatever the cause, find protection both internally and externally from Weareverincontinence.com.

Treating Incontinence is Our Highest Priority


Wearever knows that accidental releases of urine cannot be avoided for many people. This is why treating incontinence is our primary goal. By providing men and women with quality, durable incontinence underwear that last, our hope is that the inconvenience of this disorder will be minimized. We know that living with male incontinence is not easy. Therefore, our online store boasts several collections of men’s incontinence briefs that discreetly hide sewn-in pads to capture moisture. Stay dry and active with our premium products.


Living with Male Incontinence Just Got Easier


Stresses on the body are natural, but when leaks accompany lifting, coughing and even laughing, the joke doesn’t have to be on you. Fight back from uncomfortable wetness with drying agents packed within undergarments from Weareverincontinence.com. Living with male incontinence just got simpler with convenient solutions to keep you dry. Wearever provide men and women with premium, form fitting underwear that is made to last. Each item is washable for the life of the garment. Save time, money, and worry with quality briefs that boast innovative technologies of the present and the future. Treating incontinence has been our mission for years. We continue to add new and improved products, so keep browsing for an endless supply of products that fit.


Irritable Bladder and Incontinence Problems Minimized


Minimize fears and worries with double protection provided by Weareverincontinence.com. Once you try on our products for size, you’ll soon see how the added protecting agents, fibers and fabrics can battle irritable bladder and incontinence in a flash. Ready to capture any and all splashes, briefs from Wearever are designed for both light and heavy spills, sporting waterproof outer layers and micro fibers to minimize odors. Because adult male incontinence continues to inhibit the lifestyle of individuals, Weareverincontinence.com is committed to keep you moving along the road of life.

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