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A Southern Mama Rants about Wearever

A Southern Mama Rants about Wearever

November 29, 2012

Resourceful Blogger, A Southern Mama’s Rants, Raves & Reviews, recently reviewed our incontinence panties after convincing her mother to try them. This blogger’s mother was experiencing light incontinence when she would sneeze or laugh and especially when she would hold her bladder longer than she should have.

Here’s what Resourceful Blogger’s mom had to say about her experience: “I really liked that they were very cute and looked just like any regular underwear you can buy in stores. The absorbency was perfect. I had no leaks whatsoever through my clothes. I am very happy with the Wearever Undergarments. I will be purchasing more in the future…”

Hopefully some of you can relate to this bloggers desire to help her mother and find her feedback helpful.


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