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Who Knew? 5 More Uses for Bed Pads

Who Knew? 5 More Uses for Bed Pads

May 27, 2014

Caregivers have numerous roles to fill, and frequent laundering just adds to your list of responsibilities. Relieve yourself of household messes and cleanup with washable and reusable bed pads. Incontinence protection is the primary use for bed pads, but families of all types will find them useful. Read through for alternative uses you probably never considered.

Clean Linens

Sleep soundly when your linens and upholstery are protected with a waterproof bed pad.
Put it on a senior’s bed to eliminate accidents and having to wash sheets. Or, put a patterned bed pad beneath the sheets for subtle waterproof protection when overnight guests are visiting. Bed pads give you peace of mind when younger children are staying with you, to protect your sofa or spare bed against wetness.

Surgery and Illness

Post-operative procedures require a bit of care before you’re back to yourself. Nausea and vomiting are normal after surgery, which require precautions you may not have planned for. Using a clean, dry mattress pad protector will help you keep surgical incisions clean, and prevent sweat, or drainage from staining your linens until you’ve fully healed.

Your children are going to come down with the flu, and any number of other illnesses. When they’re sick, don’t let stains and odors ruin their bedding. Absorbent bed pads are soft, comfortable, and will prevent germs from vomit, runny noses, or diarrhea from leaking through your child’s sheets to the mattress top.

Protect Hardwood Floors

If your refrigerator or box freezer begins thawing and leaking, it can be a race against time to protect your hardwood floors. Minimize the damage from leaky appliances by spreading out your bed pad beneath the leak. The quilted top can be placed upside down so it won’t scratch your floors and the waterproof liner will hold the water off the floor, allowing you more time to call for repairs.

Pet Care

When pets go to the veterinarian or to the kennel, they often get nervous and frightened. This is upsetting for both you and your furry friends. Consider packing some padding into their carrier or across your car seat for unexpected accidents! Fortunately, when you buy economy bed pads from Wearever, they are washable and reusable for multiple uses, so you can feel comfortable using them for pets OR for the household.

Swim Season

During the drive home from a pool or beach day, wet towels and swimsuits can dampen your car seats. Chlorinated water and sea salt can even stain or damage your leather or fabric. Prevent lingering moisture by placing a lined bed pad under those wet bottoms! Bed pads speed up the task of loading the car up so sleepy kids can get home quickly.

Running Errands

Economy bed pads are perfect for running errands in your vehicle. Tuck one into your glove box for messy occasions. They are cost-conscious, high quality, durable, and never sacrifice protection. When you bring plants home from the garden center, or transport party platters in your trunk, spread out a liner to protect your backseat or trunk. This can also be a quick save for sudden braking!

Rest with ease knowing that your linens will stay dry with incontinence bed pads, and keep in mind all the additional value that these can bring for other household tasks. Caring for your family and friends can be one step easier.

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