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Best Ways to Deal With Bladder Leakage

Best Ways to Deal With Bladder Leakage

April 17, 2019

According to the National Association for Continence, more than 25 million people in the United States are affected by bladder leakage every day. Many of these people feel embarrassed by their leakage, or like they’ve lost the freedom and independence to go outside the house without constant worry. However, the majority of these cases are more manageable with changes in diet, exercise, clothing options and more. Learn how to regain your confidence with our best ways to deal with bladder leakage:

1. Lifestyle changes

Although incontinence should never control your life, there are several lifestyle changes that can decrease leakage throughout the day. Staying away from alcohol, avoiding smoking, drinking less caffeine and removing bladder irritants, like dairy, from your diet are all great first steps for reducing the effects of urinary incontinence!

2. Exercise is key

These aren’t your typical gym exercises, so don’t hop on the treadmill just yet! Making your muscles stronger with Kegel exercises is one of the top ways for staying ahead of urinary incontinence because they help your bladder hold urine longer. Check out these effective pelvic muscle exercises and how learn how to do them.

3. Timed voiding

Timed voiding allows you to take control of urinary incontinence by putting your bladder on a schedule. For example, instead of going to the restroom when it feels like it is time to relieve yourself, try emptying your bladder every hour. If this seems too excessive for your body, find the perfect schedule for you and slowly extend the time between bathroom breaks when you’re ready!

4. Clothing options

Updating your underwear drawer is one of the most effective ways to ensure you’re staying tinkle-free all day. Instead of wearing traditional undergarments or hard-to-conceal adult diapers, try Wearever’s washable panties or briefs. They’re stylish like traditional underwear, except they are pee-proof for light to heavy leakage and resistant for up to 200-250 washes.

If you are affected by urinary incontinence, remember that Wearever is here to be a part of the support system dedicated to help you reclaim your life. Try our panties or briefs completely risk-free today with our First Pair Guarantee!